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As a Fraud Risk Management (“FRM”) services provider we offer a preventative, detective, response, and monitoring approach to our engagements, aimed at mitigating the exposure to financial and/or reputational prejudice.


Our ethical pro-active and re-active wellness methodology framed within our Fraud Risk Management and investigative approach is aimed at supporting the employer and the employee on an equal basis, providing both with our objective approach towards ethics-compliance, incident reports, personal and/or organizational wellness.


Organisational and employee wellness should create a happy workplace which in turn should foster loyalty, commitment, and determination to succeed.


Strategic Fraud Risk Management


A well developed and implemented FRM practice is of the utmost importance to organisations looking to implement a zero-tolerance culture towards non-compliance and unethical practices. In this regard we will test the effectiveness of, develop, implement, communicate and monitor the following:


FRM – Strategy planning, FRM program development, implementation, education, awareness, fraud risk related control testing, outsourced versus in-house ethics/compliance services and management of perception – surveys and wellness assessments.


Remote deployment


We are geared to work and provide our services remotely. Most of our services and methodologies applied in the end to end fraud risk management process are digitised and can be applied remotely through virtual interaction. 


Other Services



Empower your employees to live their values and show their commitment and loyalty through prudent reporting and communication in an environment that is free from retaliation, influence and/or harassment.

We have partnered with Future Forensic Risk Services (Pty) Ltd in providing a basic yet efficient, whistle-blower program. Let us take the calls and reports from employees, business partners and other interested parties and deal with the initial desktop assessment, feedback, and if required, the initial investigation.

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